Upcoming shows include..

Tues 11 Nov (18h45) *SOLD OUT-128th Show in a ROW!*
We are currently on Summer Hiatus, but will return SOON! 

An improvised, one-person Cabaret Comedy running since Friday 10 Feb 2006 until now...ya!
Paparazzi tkts - Show ONLY (Back-of-the-bus Seating!) -  R300pp
 Co-Star tkts - Show + Preferred Seating + Main Course Dinner! R450 pp
Superstar tkts - Show + VIP FRONT ROW Seating + 3-course Dinner!  - R600 pp


HOW TO APPLY TO BOOK via "e-Ticket" 
Consider the trees - our Show is paperless! 

If you have NOT yet met Sister Mary James
 IN PERSON on her nightly jaunts in and around Cape Town, please do fill out the "e-Ticket"  form below. A personal interview will be conducted immediately with you by telephone to see if you are P.L.U. (People Like Us)! 
If successful, you will then be granted an opportunity to purchase tickets by EFT as
is CLOSED to the General Public!

18h45 -  ALL GUESTS ARRIVE (meet & greet!) + Food/Clothing donation collection 
19h00 Superstar Guests Dinner Service starts
19h15 -  Co-Star  Guests Dinner Service starts
20h15 - FINAL CALL for all Guests!
20h30 - SHOW STARTS 
22h30 - SHOW FINISHES (approx!)


This installation, performed by (www.facebook.com/sistermaryjames), has been running since Friday 10 February 2006 in South Africa - mostly in Cape Town. 

The show is CLOSED to the General Public - one has to have met Sister Mary James in person on her nightly sojourns into bars, restaurants, clubs etc, been approved by her as PLU (People Like Us!), bought the tickets on the spot and confirmed by text, BBM, FB and Twitter. 


James Robert Hogan Costello II was born at the Marymount Clinic (staffed by nuns...) in Johannesburg in 1968 and grew up mostly in Zurich, London, NY, LA and Paris, although the family maintained an estate in Sandton as a base for their business interests. He spent up to 2/3 of every year out of South Africa, mainly in Western Europe and the United States. James' first public performance was as "Joseph" in a nativity play at the age of 7 on a cruise ship; later, he was accepted to study Theater Arts at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in New York City in 1993.

Whilst in New York, he worked with HBO co-hosting a Madonna concert, performed stand-up and "Whose Line Is It Anyway"-type comedy games and was the co-host for a New York cable TV talk show. He has also travelled extensively, and returned to South Africa in 1995 from LA. In 2001, James hosted Gay Pride in Johannesburg to the largest ever SA comedy audience of 18 000 people. He has numerous television, theatre, corporate and public events credits, both in front of and behind the camera on 3 different continents.


"SISTER MARY JAMES has MASS APPEAL!" is unlike any other show, as it melds 4 distinct genres; viz. improvisational comedy, cabaret, theatre and traditional stand-up comedy. The show, whilst having a structured framework, is different every week - the current record holder for an Audience Member's repeated attendance stands at 86 shows!

Click [here] for a full CV.

Online e-ticket Query (NON-credit card bookings ONLY!)


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For an urgent response, please feel free to contact our worldwide agent in Canada, 

Chris MacDonald of k5Talent, directly on all hours mobile 

(+1) 902 401 5328or email chris@k5talent.com

(FYI) Canada is currently 7 hours behind South African Standard Time!

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